Concept of the game

Hi! This is Francisco from Tale Studios.

I wanted to make a small side-project where I could create almost everything on my own, mainly programming and art (not sure what to do with the music/sounds yet). So for some days I was prototyping ideas with pen and paper. I needed a concept that was simple enough so that it wouldn't take too long to develop, but that it was fun and deep enough. After a bit of brainstorming and lots of unused ideas, I started thinking about including some time-related mechanics in the game (because they're cool!), and suddenly, out of the blue, the film "Next" came to my mind. No, don't ask me why. I don't get it either. And the film is not so good, to say the least... 

Prototyping ideas

The result is the concept of this game, codename PSG (from Prediction Strategy Game; nothing related to a football team...), which can be summarized as follows:

  • The goal of the player is to move from point A to point B on a board.
  • The player moves by defining a path among neighbor squares (diagonals included).
  • The player must avoid enemies.
  • Enemies only move when the player moves (something similar to Superhot), but you can see, whenever you want, the trajectories of the enemies. That is, your prediction power is not a resource.

With this concept in mind, I made a tiny prototype with several levels and I (and my wife) tested it. We both agreed that the idea was cool, that it could be really challenging and that overcoming a level was rewarding.

Testing levels

So I flushed the prototype (it was really poorly coded, but you know, it was a prototype...) and now I'm redoing the code from scratch. Now this is what I have.

Concept: player and enemies movement

As you can see, enemies only move (now clumsily) while the player moves. I also have the logic of dragging the mouse (or touch screen for mobile devices) to generate the path among neighbor squares. Little by little...

I hope I can keep at least one post per week explaining my advances and also how I made some stuff. If you have any question or suggestion, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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