A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The food has rebelled… and it sure is furious!

Breaking Fast is a frantic race between breakfast foods in which there are no rules and the only goal is to win, and if possible, humiliate and ravage your adversaries.

This demo includes the following: 

  • Single-player mode against up to 3 CPUs that will make you look breakfast in a very different way…
  • Local multiplayer mode in which you’ll be able to compete against another breakfast lover and against up to 2 CPUs.
  • Oversleep tournament available: you’ll understand this name when you play it!

Unfortunately, we are now unable to provide a complete build outside Steam because due to our limited resources we depend on Steam network libraries. Therefore, if you enjoy the demo, you can get the game on Steam

Install instructions

On Windows: double-click on Breaking Fast.exe.

On Mac: double-click on BreakingFast.app.


Breaking Fast Demo.zip 53 MB
BreakingFast.zip 55 MB


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